Mrs. Houle's Class

Houle's Happenings

Marvelous Math

Unit 6 has been filled with a lot of interesting mathematical studies.  We will be learning the “Box Method” way of division, getting us ready for traditional long division in the long run.  We will also practice using half circle protractors to measure angles. 

In Unit 7 we will revisited our study of fractions by multiplying a fraction by a whole number.  We will also look at many types of word problems to help solve addition, subtraction, multiplication and division stories.

Reading Corner

 In reading this month, we will be looking closely at poetry.   We will discuss all the different components of a poem and how strong readers use these to help them interpret the poet’s meaning. 

We will also be completing a quick “Test Taking” unit of study.  In this unit we will talk about how taking a test is just like strategizing during a game.  As students, we have the knowledge to ace the test, but sometimes we just need to practice our strategies to attack the questions.  We will be looking at how we can use these strategies to help truly show our knowledge when taking standardized tests.

Wild About Writing

We have been finishing up a Nonfiction Writing project where we researched some of the interesting places to visit in Washington DC and wrote some informational paragraphs about each place.  We then turned these into different visual projects based off our individual preferences.

After we wrap up our informational writing, we will be revisiting our narrative writing.  We will continue to write narrative stories off of a text we have read.  We will be reviewing lively leads, show don’t tell strategies, using a balance of dialogue and action in our stories and wrapping up our stories with some strong endings.

Cruising the Content Area

During this past unit we have been studying plant and animal adaptations.  We looked at internal and external structures of plants and animals and discussed how these parts help them to survive in their environment.


In Social Studies we will be learning about the Southwest region.  We will read about the Southwest physical features, natural resources and culture. We will also discuss the climate and watched a DVD to take a tour of the Southwest.